[ Mamonde ] Pore Mamonde 清潔密集潔膚 100 ml

[ Mamonde ] Pore Mamonde 清潔密集潔膚 100 ml, Korean, 化妝品 , Mamonde, 83568-JP, , koreanmall




Contains Eoseongcho leaf to clean blackhead and pore Mild peeling derived from natural ingredient softening dead skin to make clean skin.

Amino acid derived ingredient keeps skin moisture after wash Eoseongcho cleans dead skin and oily sebum for blackhead,

whitehead and it tights pores. Eoseongcho cares harmful causes in pores to keep skin elastic.


[How to use]

After face wash, apply right amount onto whole face except for eyes and mouth. After 30 seconds of massage,

rinse dead skin with water. 1~2 times per week recommended but can be more or less depends on your skin condition.








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[ Mamonde ] Pore Mamonde 清潔密集潔膚 100 ml

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